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Gatekeepers: =Deception ='Traditional' Religion =Mystery Babylon

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The gatekeepers of reality are those who not only keep one from understanding the TRUTH, but also maintain the world's deception by promoting the continuity of Man's traditions, and the DECEPTION of the mystery Babylon 'religion' masked as 'Christianity', or whatever other particular religious system one chooses...Layers of lies and deceptions to maintain the LIE. We believe the lies, and accept the system because it is easy, and we are comfortable with it--it is tradition. It is not, however, of God, or Truth, or Light, in any way; it is THE deception that has the whole world under its spell, as it is mentioned in the Bible; the WHOLE WORLD IS DECEIVED. Watch, and SHARE, this and my other videos to help gain a greater understanding--a clarification--the TRUTH! May God bless all viewers and/or listeners with a Spirit-filled understanding of the Truth, the Light, and the Way; an understanding of God, and of the true reality.Amen.

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