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Babylon Mystery Religion Chapter 2: "Mother & Child Worship"

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Book read by joggler66 of the book from Author Ralph Woodrow.
The book contains 20 Chapters that explain the Mystery Babylon Religion and will give you a chance to lift the veil of the Mystery. Symbols became the language of the freemasons after the tower of BAB EL (port to god) was destroyed by the GOD of the bible. That way 'they' still had their ONE language and these symbols were and are used through the ages until today.
Their origin, their meaning and many other related things will be reveiled in this reading.
The Lie can not hide from the Truth, so make sure you know the Truth, the true word of GOD preserved in the 1611 KJV of the Bible.

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  • Kenz Added Just found this site as I am gathering info for something I am writing. The name of your site is inaccurate. Yes, there is a shameful saturation of paganism and occultism in the church of "Christendom" (I use the term broadly). However, it's important to be aware that true Biblical Christian faith itself is NOT pagan. One does not have to look very far into the Scriptures to see this. The actual problem is that CATHOLICISM is pagan. It is a blasphemous mystery religion and it's crucial that we make the proper distinctions...