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Babylon Mystery Religion: The Mass

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Chapter 17
The Mass
Transubstantation - its meaning, origin and history. The finished work at Calvary contrasted to the mass. The monstrance, the round "host", a description of round SUN symbols and their use in paganism, the mystery drama

It has to be HOC EST CORPUS MEUM, instead of Hoc Est Corpus Meus. Sorry for that mix-up.
More information can be found here:

But our wonder should be far greater when we find that in obedience to the words of his priests - HOC EST CORPUS MEUM - God himself descends on the altar, that he comes wherever they call him and as often as they call him, and places [pg. 27] himself in their hands, even though they should be be his enemies. And after having come, he remains, entirely at their disposal they move him as they please, from one place to another, they may, if they wish, shut him up in the tabernacle, expose him on the altar, or carry him outside the church; they may, if they choose, eat his flesh, and give him for the food of others. "Oh, how very great is their power," says St. Lawrence Justinian, speaking of priests. "A word falls from their lips and the body of Christ is there substantially formed from the matter of bread, and the Incarnate Word descended from heaven, is found really present on the table of the altar! Never did divine goodness give such power to the angels. The angels abide by the order of God, but the priests take him in their hands, distribute him to the faithful, and partake of him as food for themselves."

Book read and explained/discussed by joggler66 of the book from Author Ralph Woodrow.
The book contains 21 Chapters that explain the Babylon Mystery Religion and will give you a chance to lift the veil of the Mystery. Symbols became the language of the freemasons after the tower of BAB EL (port to god) was destroyed by the GOD of the bible. That way 'they' still had their ONE language and these symbols were and are used through the ages until today.
Their origin, their meaning and many other related things will be reveiled in this reading.
The Lie can not hide from the Truth, so make sure you know the Truth, the true word of GOD preserved in the 1611 KJV of the Bible.
Online Text of the Authorized King James Bible

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