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The Cross Is Pagan

The Cross Is Pagan

  • 09:23 Pagan Cross Mystery Solved - Gorilla199

    Pagan Cross Mystery Solved - Gorilla199

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    Pagan Cross Mystery Solved - Satanists Exposed! The Pagan (Celtic) cross is a cryptography of the name of the Beast from the Pit from Revelation 9:11 By self admission the Pagans worship HALIOS (Apollyon) The Pagan cross is just one more of their devious

  • 22:34 Origin of the Cross

    Origin of the Cross

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    Do you know the origin of the cross? Was Jesus crucified on a cross? What do the Greek words often translated as cross or crucify actually mean? When did crosses get adopted by certain churches? Which groups called crosses 'the mark of the Beast"? Have Ca